We collaboratively guide coachees through evaluation of the following quadrant areas:

Aspirations, Restoration, Self Awareness, Connection, Engagement



Conflict Management & Resolution.

On the Table assists you to resolve conflict rationally and effectively.



Agreement & Contract Development, Negotiation, including complex/multi-party, Mediation, including complex/multi-party, Facilitation of Negotiations & Conflict Discussions & More

Impartial conflict resolution and mediation

On the Table Consulting offers a comprehensive conflict resolution and coaching service.

You will recieve a specialised resolution in conflict through facilitation, mediation, coaching and negotiation, consulting and advise on ways – such as training and capacity building - to avoid and manage conflict constructively and positively.

Our services reflect our integrity and values. You can obtain services that include executive coaching, innovation for change, teamwork consulting, facilitation, negotiation, mediation and education in conflict management and resolution.

On the Table Consulting provide you with world-renowned training services, tailored for your business.

Our desire is to assist you achieve quick and effective solutions while learning as much as possible from the experience.