Workplace Conflict Employment Today September/ October 2010

As referenced by Gabrielle O’Brien (2010), managers regularly seek advice regarding personnel issues. Often these matters can consume inordinate amounts of time and energy, and can be hard to resolve. An issue may seem to be resolved only to appear
again in a similar but different manifestation. These issues are cited to intuitively affect morale and productivity but can have deeper seated effects on business profits and longer term customer engagement.

Bill Eddy-Talking to the"Right Brain" in Conflict AC Resolution Summer 2011

One of the biggest tasks for dispute resolvers in any setting is calming highly upset people enough to focus them on problem solving. Sometimes professionals become angry, stern and bossy with particularly "difficult"clients. Sometimes we become quiet and hope that by just listening they will exhaust their anger, fear and sadness and become reasonable and flexible. Up until now it has been mostly guesswork and personal style. But more recent brain research gives us pointers that seem to help.