On The Table Values

On the Table-Dialogue for relationships and agreements.


negotiable: able to be negotiated or arranged by compromise; "negotiable demands"; "the proposal is still on the table".


On the Table Consulting provides a personalised coaching and conflict management services. 

We implement our service in accordance with best practice health and safety. Providing tailored education made for everyday practice.

We see ourselves as true business partners and look to engage with you and your team as if we were part of the team.

All that we offer supports our mission:

Dialogue for Relationships and Agreement.

We support our clients to successfully execute their business strategies year after year with these two ingredients.

Our Core Values

A defined set of organisational values — or "rules of the road" — that guide decisions and shape our business practices for delivering on promises to clients,  their employees and stakeholders.

We could not help clients build high-performance cultures around core values unless we embraced our own:

  • To listen.
  • To relentlessly improve employee and client satisfaction.
  • To act quickly; making transparent decisions.
  • To take responsibility and lead by example.
  • To learn, innovate and grow.
  • To work together to achieve our objectives.

On the Table Consulting clients’ have confident work dealings, they manage conflict constructively and accomplish best practice in decision making. On the Table Consulting assists clients in handling others with respect and to value variety. We are thorough to explore the issues when we coach, negotiate and facilitate. In ADR, On the Table Consulting supports clients to attain reasonable and objective outcomes addressing their requirements and needs.

On the Table Consulting will provide outstanding value and client agreement. If our clients are dissatisfied with our services they are requested to pay only what they consider reflects the value received.

Community Contribution
On the Table Consulting contributes to an objective, fair and workable society. We contribute time and financial support to causes determined to accomplish objectives such as charities, community organisations and policy bodies. We support causes promoting peace-ability with justice and that oppose inequality and prejudice.

On the Table Consulting utilizes environmentally friendly business practices.