Why Mediation Works

Mediation gives anyone the opportunity to bring a matter to the forefront rather than wait for trial and potentially pay continuing costs of litigation. Parties know that if the matter is not settled at mediation, then litigation or other legal proceedings can follow which creates worry and stress. Mediation provides an opportunity to have the disputed matter openly discussed, this means that everyone can get back to enjoying life.

Mediation with On the Table gives you the forum to voice the real issues

On the Table encourages parties to consult with their Barrister or Solicitor before selecting Mediation for a resolution of their problem. On the Table has a high success rate in having parties reach a binding resolution to their issues.

Both parties should be willing to attend a mediation session. However, if you are willing to mediate but the other party is reluctant to mediate, then On the Table can notify the other party that we have been contacted by you and that you wish to see if the matter can be resolved amicably through mediation.

To gain a better understanding of the Mediation process refer to the On the Table Mediation Process Outline.

Please refer to the 2011 On the Table Mediation Engagement Agreement.

A large proportion of disputes can be mediated and resolved including:

  • Business disputes- Simple or complex.
  • Employment disputes, Personal grievances, Redundancy, Bullying.
  • Ongoing costly litigation resolution
  • Insurance issues
  • Miscellaneous claims.
  • Matters that need to be kept strictly confidential and resolved quickly
  • Nuisances
  • Family disagreements
  • Neighbourhood disagreements’- Boundary disputes, Noise, Thoroughfare etc.

Please contact our Mediation Specialists to find out how Mediation could assist you