Conflict Management & Resolution

On the Table assists you to resolve conflict rationally and effectively.

In many cases, conflict in relationships, the workplace and everyday personal interactions just seems to be a fact of life. We've all seen situations where people with different goals and needs have come into conflict. And we've all seen the often-intense personal animosity that can result. The fact that conflict exists, however, is not necessarily a bad thing: As long as it is resolved effectively, it can lead to personal and professional growth. In many cases, effective conflict resolution can make the difference between positive and negative outcomes.

With On the Table the discussion needed to resolve conflict expands people's awareness of the situation, giving them an insight into how they can achieve their own goals without undermining those of other people.


If allowed to continue conflict can cause:

  • personal dislike;
  • negativity & recrimination
  • breakdown in teamwork;
  • impact on other team members;
  • disengagement;
  • loss of productivity;
  • impact to customer relationships;
  • and a continued financial loss.

Resolving conflict successfully, can solve many problems, as well as getting benefits that you might not at first expect:

Increased understanding:The discussion needed expands awareness of the situation, giving insight into how goals are achieved undermining those of other people.

  • Increased group cohesion: When  resolved effectively, everyone can develop a stronger respect, and renewed faith in their ability to work together.
  • Improved self-knowledge: Individuals examine their goals in close detail, helping to understand the things most important to them, sharpening their focus, and enhancing their effectiveness

Interpersonal Conflict

When a manager or executive is experiencing difficulty managing themselves, such that they find themselves generating high levels of conflict with colleagues, often to the extent that their manager has received complaints, On the Table can assist by working on their current approach.

We look to develop a new way of thinking and acting that is more consistent with the organisational values and behaviours; to promote collaboration and cohesiveness.

Difficult Conversations

When a manager is faced with having a difficult conversation, with a colleague, a client, team or sometimes their organisation- the successful outcome of which rests entirely on their capacity to express their views and respond to the reactions of others.

On the Table offer coaching support to the individual leading up to and beyond the event.

On the Table assists by providing on site or over the phone Conflict Management Coaching Contact us-