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The Missing Link- Better Data Sharing

On 21st April 2021, Health Minister ANDREW LITTLE announced sweeping reforms of New Zealand’s Health system, envisioning a future

where services will be integrated and linked and patients won’t have to constantly repeat their information.

Why isn’t patient information routinely shared and are their plans for that to change?

CONNECT Editor Rebecca McBeth Investigates..


Improve your conversation skills. https://wp.me/p1WbMm-gn

In certain settings I find conversation really hard to establish and maintain. 

The key for me is to relax and understand that we are all essentially the same; it doesn’t matter if you are a neurologist, cleaner, salesperson, or simply waiting at the bus spot.

It might take a while to change conversation habits that have been ingrained through your life, but it is possible- I am still trying.


Enhance your management communication skills. https://wp.me/p1WbMm-8m

“The skills required for conflict management are simple, but they rarely are acquired as part of growing up. Learn them and use them” (Mayer, 1990, 58).

The consensus in the professional literature is that if we are to become competent managers of interpersonal conflicts, skills in two arenas must be mastered